Introducing the Class A Service Franchise

We would like to introduce our company and present you with an exciting opportunity to create your own business. Class A Service has been operating in Winnipeg since 1987. We are a local, family owned and operated business. Our company has developed a successful service and scheduling concept, which will teach you to clean profitably and efficiently. Through the pride in our work and the quality service to our customers, we have established a residential home cleaning base of over 400 clients and yardcare base of over 550 clients.

The home service industry is a large and growing part of the service sector. Demographics indicate 1 in 6 persons will require a service such as ours within this decade. For this reason we have created a new concept to service all of Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

We will give you the knowledge and experience of 25 years in the industry to operate your own franchise. As a Class A franchise you become your own boss and acquire an unlimited opportunity to increase your income. You set your own hours and can have people working for you. Class A will provide you with an excellent customer base, a head office, advertising and a proven training system that will have you up and making money within your first 30 days. Class A will also process all of the necessary accounting and provide tax advice to benefit you as a self-employed franchise, should you require assistance in this area.

We are confident that as a member of the Class A Service team you will come to share the pride and satisfaction we have enjoyed over the past years. We look forward to giving you the guidance and rewards of becoming a successful part of our Class A family.

Franchise Concept

The franchise is a method to distribute a product or service. This distribution occurs through a network of franchised dealers who, under a contract, are granted the right to do so.

The Class A Service franchise concept was created to provide quality, consistency and reliability to our clients through efficient teamwork by people who are involved in the development of their work environment.

Franchisees benefit by this system through various aspects:

Why a Class A Service Franchise?

Established Industry

Our industry is one which is rock solid. Unlike many trends, the home and yard service industry is an existing service with a booming customer demand.

Repeat Business

Cleaning and Yard Maintenance is a repeat business. Once you establish a customer, you can service them on a regular basis.

Reasonable Investment

The investment should be affordable and still have potential for growth.

No Receivables

Customers "pay as they go" eliminating accounts receivables and bad debt.

Personal Time

Your business is set up to operate Monday to Friday allowing time for friends and family.

Why a Class A Service Franchise?

Financial security has become one of the significant factors in today's job market. A franchise investment is a proven system that guarantees results.

Call our office to arrange an appointment to secure your future today.

Financing Available

Booming Industry and Customer Demand

Low overhead and investment

A proven track record

Unlimited growth

The Successful Class A Service Franchise:

As a franchisee you will chose to become an independent business owner! This will allow you to take responsibility for your future. Your criteria for success includes: