24 Hour Guarantee

Unhappy with our service?

Contact our head office at 204.233.6456 or email us at mail@classaservice.com. We will come back and redo the specific areas that didn’t meet your expectations. Simply notify us within 24 hours.

In our 25 years in the service industry, we’ve come to understand it’s your home and property we are maintaining. This is why we have created customized work descriptions specific to your needs. Should your work description require revision, please let us know to allow us to service you more efficiently.

As with all new relationships, miscommunication can happen. Sometimes we make mistakes; when you are unhappy, please tell us! We will strive to make it right as soon as possible. We appreciate the opportunity to rectify the situation.

We pride ourselves on customer service and your satisfaction is our goal. We ask that when you are happy with our service, you tell others!