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Let us give you back your weekends! Enjoy spending time with family and friends instead of scrubbing floors.

For more than 30 years Class A Service Ltd. has been helping our customers with quality home cleaning services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a working professional, everyone can benefit from house cleaning services. These days, people live busy, hectic lives, and finding time to thoroughly clean their home is nearly impossible. Thankfully, with the help of Class A Service, homeowners can worry less about cleaning and more about what’s important to them.

Our award-winning home cleaning division can help you with that never-ending "to-do" list. We can launder your bedding and towels, vacuum and wash your floors, clean and sanitize your kitchen, clean your appliances and get rid of that bathtub ring so you can relax!

Whether you require a one-time clean for a dinner party or need service on a weekly basis, we can help. An organized, friendly crew of highly trained professionals guaranteed to meet or exceed your cleaning needs and to perform the best home cleaning in Winnipeg. Come home to a sparkling, shining home, cleaned by your dependable, consistent and affordable team of home cleaning professionals. All products used are environmentally conscious and our company only uses fragrance-free cleaners, perfect for those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Committed to the needs of the client, Class A Service offers a personalized in-home consultation for individualized cleaning services that are tailored to meet the needs and budget of each customer.

Our in-home consultant will customize your home cleaning to suit your needs and budget. Here is a list of the cleaning tasks commonly included in a regular cleaning; just let us know what is important to you.


Vacuum and wash floors
Vacuum upholstery
Vacuum all carpeting
Remove cobwebs
Dust baseboards and woodwork
Launder bedding and make beds
Clean light switch plates
Provide ironing
Tidy rooms
Dust window blinds
Dust ceiling fans under 8'
Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
Wash glass garden doors, inside and out (weather permitting)
Dust all furnishings and decorative items within reach


Clean and sanitize all countertops and backsplash
Clean and sanitize sink and faucets
Clean exterior of all appliances
Dust light fixtures
Clean inside of microwave
Clean light switch plates
Damp wipe cabinet exteriors
Dust baseboard and woodwork
Damp wipe table and chairs
Vacuum and wash floor


Clean and sanitize all countertops and backsplash
Clean and sanitize shower and bathtub
Clean and sanitize toilet
Polish chrome
Shine mirrors
Vacuum and wash floor
Clean light switch plates
Dust baseboard and woodwork
Dust light fixtures
Wipe down cabinet exteriors
Fold towels

Spring and fall are common seasons to complete a more thorough cleaning of your home. Here is a list of extra tasks which can be requested on a regular or an occasional basis, such as a seasonal cleaning. (Additional fees may apply):


Wash walls and ceilings
Remove books from bookshelves and clean shelves
Clean ceiling fans
Vacuum furniture (family room furniture included with standard cleaning)
Clean underneath area rugs
Clean baseboards
Clean woodwork
Organize closets and cabinets
Cabinet & wood treatment
Cleaning interior and exterior windows
Sweep garage
Lemon oil furniture
Sweep patios and porches
Vacuum drapes
Cleaning venetians
Clean leather furniture


Clean inside refrigerator
Clean inside oven
Clean inside freezer
Clean under stovetop
Clean exhaust fan/hood
Wash cabinet fronts
Wash out wastebaskets
Remove all items from cabinets, clean, replace shelf paper, replace items


Clean inside empty cabinets and drawers
Wash window interiors
Wash woodwork
Clean walls and ceiling
Remove all items from cabinets, clean, replace shelf paper, replace items
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