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Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

Window Cleaner

Most homeowners find cleaning their windows a difficult, dangerous and time consuming chore. It usually involves hanging off ladders, struggling to remove stubborn windows, possible breakage and inevitable streaks.

Class A Service can provide you with a staff of trained professionals ready to tackle the toughest of jobs. Our crews are experienced with all types of windows from old storms to sliding and casement windows. All our quotes include wiping of screens and sills.

We provide our clients a " no streak guarantee " which means if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will redo the job at no charge. All crews are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

We Don't Just Do Windows!

Eaves Cleaning

Eaves Cleaning

Spring or Fall is the best time of the season to have your eavetroughs cleaned to prevent buildup of leaves and other debris. Class A Service will professionally clean the eaves on your house and garage. We remove all debris and flush the eaves and downspouts to guarantee run off. We would also be happy to take care of any minor repairs that may need to be done.

Awning Cleaning

Class A Service cleans all types of awnings, metal or vinyl. We will also remove or install awnings at your request.


We remove and clean the glass from your chandeliers to give them a bright, sparkling shine. If you have any bulbs to replace, we can change them at the same time.

Screen and Glass Repair

Class A Service provides complete screen repair on site. We can also replace single pane glass at your request.

Pressure Washing

Dirt, mold, mildew and spider webs can be unsightly additions to your house,
driveway or patio.

Pressure Washing

Class A Service can renew the appearance of these surfaces. We use low-pressure nozzles and can vary the span, depending on the surface. A low pressure setting helps to prevent damage to more delicate surfaces such as stucco and some types of stone. High pressure settings are used on decks, driveways and fences.