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At Class A Service Ltd., we are pleased to add a complete disinfecting service for your commercial complex or office space, using an innovative technical fogging system. The products and equipment are government authorized to be used in commercial environments, in order to provide maximum protection from pathogens, allergens and moulds, and to prevent the spread of diseases. 

The disinfecting fogging system allows for a 99.99% disinfectant rate using a non-allergenic solution that is fogged to all areas of the office. All disinfectants have been approved for use against COVID-19 and have been added to the Health Canada list of hard surface disinfectants. Disinfectants are non-corrosive and 100% biodegradable, for use in all environments and safe for the human, animal, and aquatic life.

The advanced system we are using is known as a Nano Atomizer Fogger. The Nano Atomizer produces a dry-fog, making it excellent for areas that are sensitive to moisture such as phones, laptops, clothes, tableware, and cookware. The dry fogging mist is able to penetrate all areas of the commercial complex and hard to reach corners of your office indoors, to provide total treatment. Most importantly, the Nano Atomizer fogger is 100% environmentally friendly, prevents disease and is safe for everyone! 

Please contact our office at 204-233-6456 or email us for an estimate today.

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